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Stewart & Co Defence in Edinburgh has been advising on a variety of Criminal Law matters. Our experienced team of criminal law lawyers involved in some of the most complex cases in the region.

Top-Rated Criminal Defence Firm in Edinburgh: Protecting Your Rights and Future

Looking for the best criminal defence firm in Edinburgh to handle your case? Look no further! Our team of highly skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyers is here to fight tirelessly for your rights and ensure the best possible outcome.

Why Choose Our Criminal Defence Firm in Edinburgh?

1. Unparalleled Expertise: Our criminal defence lawyers in Edinburgh have a deep understanding of the Scottish legal system. With years of experience handling a wide range of criminal cases, they possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to build a strong defence strategy tailored to your unique situation.

2. Aggressive Defence: We believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your rights. Our team takes an aggressive approach to your defence, meticulously examining every piece of evidence, questioning witnesses, and challenging any inconsistencies or flaws in the prosecution's case.

3. Proven Track Record: Our criminal defence firm has a proven track record of success. We have achieved favourable outcomes for countless clients facing a wide range of criminal charges. Rest assured, we have the skills and experience necessary to navigate the complexities of the legal system and strive for the best possible result in your case.

4. Personalised Attention: At our criminal defence firm, we understand the importance of personalised attention. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and keep you informed at every step of the legal process. You can count on us to be by your side, offering guidance and support throughout your case.

5. Strong Client Reviews: Our satisfied clients speak volumes about the quality of our services. With numerous positive reviews, we are proud to be recognized as a leading criminal defence firm in Edinburgh. Our clients appreciate our professionalism, dedication, and the exceptional results we deliver.

Don't let criminal charges jeopardise your future. Contact our criminal defence firm in Edinburgh today for a confidential consultation. Our expert team is ready to provide you with a robust defence and fight to protect your rights. Trust us to be your strong legal advocates in the face of adversity."

The criminal defence lawyers at Stewart & Co Defence have many years of experience acting for clients in courts in Edinburgh and across the country.

Stewart & Co Defence can represent you regardless of the type of crime, from minor offences to the most serious offences you have been accused of, including cases of:

  • Fraud
  • Murder
  • Sexual Offences
  • Drug Offences
  • Domestic violence
  • Vandalism
  • Road traffic/motoring offences
  • Assault
  • Breach of the Peace
  • Theft


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Our dedicated team of specialist criminal law lawyers based in Edinburgh can handle all related matters in a sensitive, efficient and professional manner. We know how daunting it can be to be prosecuted for any kind of criminal offence, so our friendly and approachable team will always explain what's happening and keep you informed at every stage of the process.

  • Attending police interviews at police stations
  • Attending identification parades
  • Advising on forthcoming court appearances
  • Representing you in court
  • Criminal appeals

When you choose our firm, you can rest assured that you will be working with top-rated legal professionals who are truly passionate about protecting your rights. We believe that every client deserves a strong and strategic defence tailored to their unique circumstances. Our team will leave no stone unturned in order to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

We understand the fear and uncertainty that come with criminal charges. That's why we strive to provide you with not only exceptional legal representation but also with the compassion and support you need during this challenging time. We are here to guide you through the legal process, answering your questions and addressing your concerns every step of the way.

As a leading criminal defence firm in Edinburgh, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal support and guidance. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the attention and representation you deserve, allowing you to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Don't let criminal charges define your future. Choose our firm to protect your rights and secure a brighter tomorrow. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with our experienced team of criminal defence lawyers. Together, we will fight for your rights and strive for the best possible outcome for your case.

Our firm offers a modern office space that is conveniently located with excellent transport links, ensuring easy accessibility for personal meetings. We understand the importance of face-to-face interactions and are committed to providing a comfortable and professional environment for our clients.

In addition to in-person meetings, we also offer the flexibility of telephone appointments and online consultations. We believe in adapting to the needs of our clients and providing a range of options to suit their preferences. Whether you prefer to meet in person, discuss matters over the phone, or have a virtual consultation, we have you covered.

Click below, and complete our online contact form. Someone from our office in Edinburgh will respond to you as soon as possible.


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